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Benefits for Hearing Aids

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Some insurance will connect you to more than one option.

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Insurance Benefit Connection

Helpful Providers

Providers that help direct you to caring hearing professionals

Local Professionals

Opportunity to use your benefits at a location near you

Save and Win

Hearing health care with benefits means you win

Connecting You to Your Benefits
Imagine Hearing Clearly


Hearing is what allows you to connect to the people you care about the most

Professional Help

There are industry professionals that are ready to help you hear better.

Hear Clearly

Imagine understanding words with ease. Hearing aids don’t just make things louder they make them clearer

What People Are Saying

“I’m so grateful for my hearing aids. I love hearing my husband and grandchildren again. I was always struggling to understand what people were saying. I would have never imagined how well hearing aids would work.”

Barbara Turner

“The hearing aids work! My wife is thrilled beyond words. The hearing aids have renewed our connection and release a lot of stress in our relationship. Having an extra benefit was great, but hearing better is even greater!”

John Anderson

“The family had been encouraging us for a long time. Bill and I decide we’d look in to it. We got connected with a great clinic through our insurance benefit. We are so please that we told our friends and everyone at church what a difference hearing aids have made.”

Judy and William Bush

Ease of the Benefit

When you call a provider you will be connected to a representative and they will help walk you through the process, talk with you about your needs and direct you to a location that is part of their benefit network in your area.

Connect and Save
By using a benefit to purchase hearing aids you are guaranteed to save on the cost of hearing aids over the cost of regular prices. Most insurance companies have absolutely no coverage for hearing aids, but with many of the providers we have listed will still grant you access .
Our Excitement
We are excited for the opportunity that hearing benefits bring to you. We look forward to hearing testimony of how hearing better has impacted your life, and how we were able to be a resource to connect you to a benefit and save you money.