Your benefits await. It’s nice to know that there is some help linked to your current insurance coverage. 

Before you call know that each provider is different and each provider has a unique product line, and pricing system. Many of the providers have access to various manufactures and multiple clinics in your area. The provider benefits work in conjunction with many of the insurance carriers, but are not insurance themselves, rather, they are simply a benefit. There are still very few insurances that pay toward hearing aids.

In the near future we will add to each providers unique benefit so that should you have access to multiple providers you can connect with the one that fits your needs the best.

We encourage you to discuss hearing aids and the process with your provider before being tested and fit with hearing aids. The more you know the more comfortable the process will be.

The benefits are now available for everyone. No one will ever have to pay full price for hearing aids again. Get the help you need, get the technology you deserve and enjoy a world of better hearing.


Hearing aid benefits





Ease of the Benefit

When you call a provider you will be connected to a representative and they will help walk you through the process, talk with you about your needs and direct you to a location that is part of their benefit network in your area.

Connect and Save
By using a benefit to purchase hearing aids you are guaranteed to save on the cost of hearing aids over the cost of regular prices. Most insurance companies have absolutely no coverage for hearing aids, but with many of the providers we have listed will still grant you access .
Our Excitement
We are excited for the opportunity that hearing benefits bring to you. We look forward to hearing testimony of how hearing better has impacted your life, and how we were able to be a resource to connect you to a benefit and save you money.